Thursday, November 09, 2006

Short Takes

Mrs. Dull's SOUTHERN COOKING was recently featured in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The piece quotes another of our authors, Nathalie Dupree. Damon Lee Fowler also gets a nod. Fowler, whose foodie pursuits include a column in the Savannah Morning News, wrote the foreword to our edition of Mrs. Dull's classic cookbook.

Philadelphia Weekly has
interviewed Greg Downs, author of SPIT BATHS: "A childhood split among central Kentucky, Nashville, and Hawaii gave Downs a rare sense of how location and history shape people. His characters devour biographies, attend politicians' funerals, chaperone field trips, latch onto outmoded street names, unearth secrets about dead presidents and watch chain stores gobble up small towns." Here's another interview with Greg at LitPark, and a profile at Nashville Scene. All Greg, all the time, at MySpace.

Which is more rare: A great album or a great review of an album? Frank Kogan, author of
REAL PUNKS DON'T WEAR BLACK, has the answer in this Blogcritics interview.

Our bloggin' authors: Meet "
Madam Mayo," better known to us as C. M. Mayo, author of SKY OVER EL NIDO. When she's not bloggificationizing, Mayo writes and edits and champions literature in translation.