Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Raiding the 20th Century

Fans of all things avant-garde can find a wealth of free articles, poems, movies, interviews, sound clips, and more at UbuWeb. Hear Henry Miller read from Black Spring. Listen to a survey of 40 years of experimental Polish radio from Studio Warsaw. Explore the music of John Cage. It's a sprawling, open-access YouTube for intellectuals.

Featured on UbuWeb is an audio compliment to Paul Morley's
WORDS AND MUSIC: A HISTORY OF POP IN THE SHAPE OF A CITY by DJ Food. DJ Food's project started out as an attempt to document the history of cut-up music in a radio show. When he realized the close affinities his project had with Morley's book, he decided to take the project many steps farther and convinced Morley to collaborate with him. The result is Raiding the 20th Century. It's a large audio file, but well worth the wait to download.

Morley is a former member of the influential music collective
Art of Noise and a music and cultural critic. Think of WORDS AND MUSIC as Morley's guidebook for a tour through the history of popular music. You'll find Brian Eno, Wittgenstein, Ornette Coleman, and Alvin Lucier there. You'll also find Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Kraftwerk, and the ghost of Elvis Presley.

Upper left: UbuWeb homepage
Center right: Cover of WORDS AND MUSIC
Bottom left: Paul Morley, courtesy of Bloomsbury Publishing

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