Thursday, September 20, 2007

Who Gets to Be a Millionaire?

Listen to NPR's Weekend All Things Considered this Sunday, September 23, to hear an interview with Mort Zachter, author of DOUGH.

Zachter is a winner of the AWP Creative Nonfiction Award. His memoir centers on a small shop on Manhattan’s Lower East Side known in the neighborhood as “the day-old bread store.” It was a bakery where nothing was baked, owned by his two eccentric uncles who referred to their goods as “the merchandise.” Zachter grew up sleeping in the dinette of a leaking Brooklyn tenement. He lived a classic immigrant story—one of a close-knit, working-class family struggling to make it in America. Only they were rich. DOUGH chronicles Zachter's life-altering discovery made at age thirty-six that he was heir to several million dollars his bachelor uncles had secretly amassed in stocks and bonds.

For the in
terview, NPR host Jacki Lyden went with Zachter to the bakery that defined his family for so many years. They taped the interview inside the small store in an effort to capture the "bakery buzz in the background." NPR producers snapped some pictures while they were there. They will be posted on the NPR website, along with an excerpt from the book, after the interview airs. Check out your local NPR affiliate's web site to find out when Weekend All Things Considered airs in your area.

Top left: Book jacket for Dough
Bottom left: Uncle Joe and Uncle Harry in their store, 1960s (photo courtesy of the author)
Right: Mort Zachter, photo by David Ticktin

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