Thursday, January 06, 2011

Short Takes: Happy New Year

Congratulations to Catharine Randall, whose book FROM A FAR COUNTRY has won this year's award for the best book on Huguenot history from the National Huguenot Society.

The Dec/Jan issue of Garden and Gun mentions the soon-to-be-released SOUTHERN CROSSINGS, photography by geographer David Zurick, and PHILIP JURAS: THE SOUTHERN FRONTIER, LANDSCAPES INSPIRED BY BARTRAM'S TRAVELS, an exhibit opening at the Telfair in Savannah January 28.

San Francisco Chronicle on JACK LONDON, PHOTOGRAPHER: "There is a luxurious quality to the thick, creamy pages that is in stark contrast to the frequently haunting images of poverty, war and earthquake. But by no means is this book a depressing slice of life." Also noted at the Los Angeles Maritime Museum blog.

BEYOND KATRINA reviewed in Orion Magazine; PLEASE COME BACK TO ME on Bookslut: ‎"Each of the eight stories in this collection stands on its own, but together, this assemblage of portraits of strikingly raw humans provides a depth of feeling and detail that will keep the reader captivated and longing to observe these characters for just a bit longer."

SFA COMMUNITY COOKBOOK in the Chicago Reader's Top Ten Books for Cooks and in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Prairie Schooner delights that Sue Silverman's how-to guide FEARLESS CONFESSIONS "is conversational and engaging throughout, never lapsing into the dry instruction-manual voice that could have endangered this book. Interwoven inseperably from her observations about how to write memoir is Silverman's articulate and spirited defense of the genre's legitimacy."

Elevate Difference (formerly Feminist Review) on MARION MANLEY: MIAMI'S FIRST WOMAN ARCHITECT: "an overdue tribute to a woman who accomplished so much so far ahead of her time."

Peter Carroll blogs about the reissue of his book KEEPING TIME, the memoir of a professional historian, part of our program of bringing backlist titles back into print.

New releases:
Four new titles in our recently inaugurated series Geographies of Justice and Transformation:

Julian Brash
Exploring the consequences of running a city like a business

Michael E. Crutcher, Jr.
The historical geography of the most celebrated African American neighborhood in New Orleans

Laura Barraclough
Urban planning that privileges "open space", "Western heritage" and whiteness

Edited by Oliver J. Dinius and Angela Vergara
Transnational thinking about the history of company towns in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, the U.S., and Canada