Friday, June 15, 2012

UGA Press Author on The Diane Rehm Show

James Cusick, author of THE OTHER WAR OF 1812, will be one of the guests on The Diane Rehm Show this Monday (June 18th). Be sure to tune in to listen to Cusick and the other panelists discuss the legacy of the War of 1812. Monday marks the bicentennial of the start of the war.

Described by the American Historical Review as being "[a] superb, highly readable history of events as seen in the local context," THE OTHER WAR OF 1812 resurrects a forgotten chapter in transatlantic history—the Patriot War. Prior to the war with Great Britain, a party of Georgians invaded a Spanish colony in East Florida confident that partisans there would help them swiftly wrest the colony away from Spain. The raid was a strategic and political disaster. Few sympathizers materialized, official U.S. support dissolved, and an extended guerrilla war ensued. This became the stage on which the young republic clumsily acted out its imperial ambitions and racial fears.