Thursday, May 01, 2014

Press News: UGA Press unveils new logo

To commemorate its long and progressive history of scholarly publishing since 1938, the University of Georgia Press today announces a newly cohesive visual identity. At the center of this rebranding is a new logo designed by art director and designer Erin Kirk New, senior designer Kaelin Chappell Broaddus and marketing designer Jackie Baxter Roberts.

The logo is a balance between timeless and modern. “Our goal was to create a visual identity that links the past with the future,” said New. “The new logo is a circular mark incorporating a lower-case G based on a nineteenth-century slab serif typeface. The interplay of the G with edges of the circle creates negative space that conveys the idea of accessible scholarship with regional as well as global reach.”

The new identity will be consistent across multiple platforms, including print and digital, but also adaptable. “The simplicity of the marks allows it to be easily identified regardless of the size,” said Roberts. “It works well for a variety of formats, whether it is a small icon on your smartphone screen or on the spine of a book or is a large focal point on an exhibit banner.”

“Every successful organization needs a strong visual identity, and ours now matches the integrity and timelessness of the books we publish,” said Lisa Bayer, director of UGA Press. “To my eye our new mark represents the impact of the University of Georgia Press—in publishing the highest quality scholarly content for teaching and research—on the world.”