Friday, July 31, 2009

Short Takes

The Wall Street Journal reviews THE WORK OF JOE WEBB; a review also appeared in the UK architecture and design magazine Blueprint.

High Country News reviews ROSALIE EDGE, HAWK OF MERCY; author Dyana Furmansky also appeared on Cincinnati Zoo director Thane Maynard's "Field Notes" radio show on WVXU Cincinnati. Also on the radio: Shep Krech (SPIRITS OF THE AIR) on WICN Inquiry.

FEARLESS CONFESSIONS is reviewed in ForeWord Magazine; visit Sue William Silverman on her summer blog tour at

A video podcast is now available on YouTube that introduces GUIDE TO THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENTS OF GEORGIA, scheduled for publication in 2011.

The New Orleans Times-Picayune reviews LOUISIANA WOMEN.

Susan Cerulean (TRACKING DESIRE) in the Foster Folly News on swallow-tailed kites.

ON TARZAN appears in a group review on the Canadian news site Rabble with reference to the “essential badness of Burroughs” and the impact of what Hilaire Belloc called “good bad books”: “Burroughs’s 23 Tarzan books, and the tangle of other works inspired by them, are looked at, seriously though not in the least forbiddingly or even drily, in Alex Vernon’s study.”