Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sue Silverman's virtual tour

Sue William Silverman will be making an interactive virtual tour this summer, taking part in interviews and q&a's about her recently released guide to the art of memoir, FEARLESS CONFESSIONS.

This practical guide, which includes tips for both writing and marketing a memoir, is also at a certain level a manifesto. As characterized in a recent Bookslut review, “Silverman explores the extent to which literary memoirs are still regarded as taboo, dismissed by some as a way for authors to exploit their personal woes for monetary gain. She mounts a thoughtful defense of the genre, pointing out the extent to which there are double standards in how memoirs are judged. For instance, while the stories of war heroes and hostages in foreign lands can be lauded even when their writing is less than stellar, Silverman reports that women who write memoirs about incest and battery, sexual orientation, or other personal subjects are seen as exhibitionist and self-pitying. The predominating attitude is that troubles on the ‘home front’ -- which are often the stories of women, children, or other powerless groups -- should not be written about or otherwise publicized.”

Check in with Sue at any of the following venues in the writers and writing blogosphere:

July 16
Interview with Sue on the Writing Process

July 30
Blog: “The Confessions of My Generation”

August—ongoing Q&A all month
National Association of Baby Boomer Women
Boomer Women Speak Community Forum on Writing

August 3
Interview and book giveaway
“The Muffin”

August 5
Blog discussion with Sue on “Truth in Memoir”

August 6
Blog discussion with Sue on “The Redemptive Power of Writing Memoir”

August 7
Blog discussion with Sue on “The Importance of Women’s Voices in Memoir”

August 10
Interview with Sue on the writing process

August 12
An interview with Sue on memoir writing

August 14
Interview and book review

August 18
Blog discussion with Sue about “Five Redemptive Paths through Memoir”

August 19
Blog discussion with Sue on “Using Savory Words to Write Memoir”

August 21
Blog discussion with Sue on “How to Use Sensory Description to Bring Your Story to Life”

August 26
Interview with Sue about revealing secrets through memoir.

September 1
Book giveaway and discussion with Sue on “The Courage to Tell Your Story”