Monday, October 12, 2009

Roundtable on leadership and the Leo Frank lynching

This Thursday, the Georgia Historical Society presents a roundtable discussion featuring:
Roy Barnes, former Governor of Georgia

Matthew H. Bernstein, chair of the Emory University film studies department and author of SCREENING A LYNCHING

Steve Oney, author of And the Dead Shall Rise

The roundtable will take place at 7 pm at the studios of Georgia Public Broadcasting on 260 14th St NW in Atlanta. A thirty minute segment of the discussion will air on GPB following the November 2 showing of The People v. Leo Frank, a new documentary on the Leo Frank case directed by Ben Loeterman and filmed in Atlanta.

Barnes has been an important supporter of Loeterman's film, and Oney -- whose magazine article initially interested the director in doing the project -- served as a historical consultant to the project. Bernstein is an expert on film and television accounts of the Leo Frank case.