Thursday, October 29, 2009

Short Takes

Booklist reviews GLASS CEILINGS AND 100-HOUR COUPLES: “An economist and an anthropologist teamed up to conduct hundreds of interviews for this insightful analysis of the ramifications of stepping off the career track to focus on motherhood. The authors bolster their conclusions with a dazzling (and sometimes daunting) collection of statistics as well as thorough end notes and an impressive bibliography. Their scholarship is balanced by numerous personal stories that elevate the study beyond the miasma of the mommy wars.”

Delta Farm Press strongly recommends WEEDS OF THE SOUTH: “Simply excellent.”

THE PILLARED CITY in Birmingham magazine and the Tuscaloosa News.

ROSALIE EDGE and the Mystery of the Missing Suitcase.

Tennessee Women and William Faulkner and the Southern Landscape (by Knoxville-based geography professor Charles S. Aiken) briefly noted on the newly launched Tennessee Humanities Foundation website Chapter 16.

Flannery contestant celebrates the new Flannery winners and the contest as a whole.

Upcoming area events:
Saturday, November 7, 6-9 pm
Rob Amberg will launch THE NEW ROAD with an exhibit opening at the Madison County Arts Council in Marshall, NC.