Thursday, December 03, 2009

Short Takes

An interview with Christine Keiner (THE OYSTER QUESTION) is scheduled to air tomorrow morning(12/4) at 9 AM on Public Radio Delmarva.

ForeWord praises GHOSTBREAD: "Livingston writes with an understated restraint and paints her past in careful detail. The result is captivating."

Anna Journey reviewed at Blackbird.

The Environmental Defense Fund recommends our biography of Rosalie Edge.

Robin Ekiss (THE MANSION OF HAPPINESS) was featured on Poetry Daily this Tuesday. She reads in Santa Cruz December 8 and at San Francisco's Inside Storytime December 17.

UGA Press author Jonathan Addleton presented his credentials to the President of Mongolia this week to complete his appointment as the U.S. Ambassador to Mongolia. His memoir, SOME FAR AND DISTANT PLACE, describes his experiences growing up in Pakistan as the child of Baptist missionaries from rural Georgia.

Wonderful profile of Art Rosenbaum (SHOUT BECAUSE YOU'RE FREE) and his broad spectrum approach to field collecting of music in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "Absorbing Rosenbaum’s rich collection requires some concentration, Cohen said. 'You have to work to digest it,' he said, adding that the payoff is a vivid impression of each performer’s world. 'You get a sense of place, time, the characters, the history,' he said. 'You can place the context of the music and what it means to the individuals.'"

Lori Ostlund makes some holiday shopping recommendations at the Emerging Writers Network.

Alan Wachman's article on "China's Lincolnophilia," adapted from a chapter in our forthcoming title SECESSION AS AN INTERNATIONAL PHENOMENON, appeared this week on the lively blog The China Beat.