Thursday, December 10, 2009

Short Takes

GLASS CEILINGS AND 100-HOUR COUPLES in the Wall Street Journal: "Glass Ceilings makes a prediction: Before long, businesses will see the folly of under-using a powerful resource and will design policies that better accommodate capable, educated women who happen to have children." The book was also reviewed in the December issue of Brain, Child.

The Asheville Citizen-Times reviews THE NEW ROAD; photographer Rob Amberg will speak and sign books at The Captain's Bookshelf in Asheville next Friday, December 18.

Southern Living's December issue notes SOUTH CAROLINA WOMEN as a great SC book to give this holiday.

Vernon Burton on the Lincoln Bicentennial and Atlanta's town hall meeting this past week.

Audio from Wendy Hamand Venet's lecture on SAM RICHARDS'S CIVIL WAR DIARY at the Atlanta History Center now available online from Forum Network.

NONPROLIFERATION NORMS reviewed in Parameters: "Maria Rublee's book is valuable as an antidote to a realist pessimism regarding whether nuclear proliferation can be contained."

From Georgia Historical Quarterly: "THE BIG TENT is first-rate--impressively researched, interpretive, and highly readable...Gregory Renoff has provided a model of how to study popular culture."

From Technology and Culture on ENTREPRENEURS IN THE SOUTHERN UPCOUNTRY: "Our understanding of the antebellum southerners' view of the economy is changing, and Eelman's important work contributes much to that understanding by joining antebellum and postbellum worlds in a single analysis."

The Poetry Society of America names Jennifer Chang among its 2009 New American Poets, which recognizes "some of the most interesting recent first book poets." Previous years have recognized Cecily Parks, Joshua Poteat, Dawn Lundy Martin, Oni Buchanan and Major Jackson.

A Joshua Poteat poem was featured Saturday on Poetry Daily.

BLACK ELVIS a "best of 2009" short story collection at The Book Fox.

A review of HARDSCRABBLE in New Letters praises "the pleasures of McFadden’s nimble wit and linguistic savvy"; the book is also reviewed in the Antioch Review.