Friday, December 09, 2011

Short Takes

LA Review of Books on BEAR DOWN, BEAR NORTH: "Moustakis reveals her academic pedigree and redoubles its worth in her nimble manipulation of storytelling modes. Narratives unfold energetically—in the collective voice, in the second person, and from the point of view of minor characters, demonstrating Moustakis’s singular talent of making intimate and familiar to the reader a world generally known only to its natives. This is one of the author’s great gifts: cultivating in the reader true understanding of her characters’ wilderness, the way it nurtures and shapes them."
The Seattle Times calls BEAR DOWN, BEAR NORTH a "pitch-perfect set of fictional stories."
Vincent Carretta's PHILLIS WHEATLEY was reviewed in the Boston Globe.
A review in Florida Historical Quarterly praises SITTING IN AND SPEAKING OUT: “In this extremely valuable work, Turner explores the rise and evolution of student activism on southern campuses during this crucial decade. To say that this book fills a gap is an understatement. . . .Turner has taken on an enormous task in this work and has deftly handled the many tangled threads of this story.”

The Max Kade Institute Friends Newsletter praises Mischa Honeck “as one of the leading young German historians in the field of German-American studies” for his book WE ARE THE REVOLUTIONISTS