Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Short Takes

The Atlantic describes Anne Emanuel's ELBERT PARR TUTTLE as an "important new book" and compares Judge Tuttle's treatment to the assault on current federal judges. ELBERT PARR TUTTLE also made Andrew Cohen's books of the year round-up column.

Listen here for Edible Radio's interview with A MESS OF GREENS author Elizabeth Engelhardt.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution's blog, "Junkyard Blawg with Bill King," recommended DAMN GOOD DOGS! for last-minute holiday shoppers.

Watch the video below to see Melinda Moustakis, author of BEAR DOWN, BEAR NORTH, give a reading and interview at the National Book Foundation's 5 Under 35 event.

PHILLIS WHEATLEY made the 2011 top ten non-fiction list on PhiloBiblos.

Vincent Carretta gave a talk at the Massachusetts Historical Society in November. Here he discusses his book, PHILLIS WHEATLEY.