Friday, January 13, 2012

Short Takes

The recently released January/February edition of Poets & Writers features a full page promotional interview of Iain Haley Pollock for his Cave Canem Poetry Prize winning collection SPIT BACK A BOY.

January 12th was both Jack London’s birthday and the opening of the new exhibit “Jack London, Photographer” at the MaritimeMuseum of San Diego. The exhibit was inspired by Jeanne Campbell Reesman, Sara S. Hodson, and Philip Adam’s JACK LONDON, PHOTOGRAPHER.

Kyle Dargan, author of LOGORRHEA DEMENTIA, BOUQUET OFHUNGERS, and THE LISTENING, comments on Washington’s literary community and the relationship between poetry and government in this video featured on TheWashington Post.

Congratulations to Joseph Smith, author of BRAZIL AND THE UNITED STATES, and Mischa Honeck, author of WE ARE THE REVOLUTIONISTS. Their books have been selected for inclusion in Choice's Outstanding Academic Title list.

WE ARE THE REVOLUTIONISTS continues to garner praise, with T.K. Bryan from Choice asserting that “Honeck expands understanding of not just the antebellum abolitionist movement, but also conceptions of race and nationality in the mid-19th century.”

Editors Sharon M. Harris and Robin L. Cadwallader were commended in H-Net Reviews for “the value of the anthology” REBECCA HARDING DAVIS’S STORIES OF THE CIVIL WAR ERA and for the anthology’s “thematic importance” in addressing “a range of disciplines, including literary studies, Civil War history, Southwestern border studies, cultural anthropology, women’s studies, and gender studies.”

Laura Barraclough was heralded for her book MAKING THE SANFERNANDO VALLEY in a recent copy of the Journal of Historical Geography. Admiring her insights into “discerning how those linking suburbia to the mythic west have managed purposefully to construct racial identities and maintain white privilege in the San Fernando Valley (and elsewhere in the west),” the reviewer, Ronald Davidson, even placed the book alongside “important histories of the region by Kevin Starr, Robert Fogelson, William Fulton, Becky M. Nicolaides, and too few others.”