Thursday, August 02, 2012

Short Takes

WABE's City Cafe with John Lemley interviewed Ren and Helen Davis about their book ATLANTA'S OAKLAND CEMETERY. The interview focuses on the role of Oakland Cemetery during the Civil War's Battle of Atlanta. Listen to the interview here.

The Florida Times-Union calls Charles Seabrook's THE WORLD OF THE SALT MARSH a "masterful and comprehensive examination of what remains of [the] endangered and disappearing wetlands. . ."

When interviewed for a Savannah Morning News article about wrack accumulation, Kofi Moyo mentioned the relevance of THE WORLD OF THE SALT MARSH. "I recently read SALT MARSH (by Charles Seabrook, University of Georgia Press) and clearly urban sprawl as it reaches the nation’s shoreline has a deleterious impact on our marsh and waterways."

In an article on Indie vs. Traditional Publishing, the Huffington Post refers to PLEASE COME BACK TO ME author Jessica Treadway and her experience at UGA Press: "I had the benefit of brilliant, learned editors—that is, editors with whom I literally sat down or exchanged detailed messages—who definitely helped my manuscripts be better books."

Julian Brash, author of BLOOMBERG'S NEW YORK, is quoted in a recent Salon article about Mayor Michael Bloomberg's push for subsidized micro-apartments in New York. "'There’s a standard line on the left that [Bloomberg's development strategy] is just about shoveling money into the pockets of the rich,” says Julian Brash, an assistant professor of anthropology at Montclair State University. “I think it’s more complex. It’s about creating a city that’s hospitable to the type of people who Bloomberg thinks will be the motors of growth.'"

THE FAITHS OF THE POSTWAR PRESIDENTS author David L. Holmes will be interviewed on 89.3 KPCC's Patt Morrison Show. He will be answering questions about whether or not the United States has a history of being a Christian nation. The interview will air on Thursday, August 2nd at 2:00pm (PST).