Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Short Takes

Julian Brash, author of BLOOMBERG'S NEW YORK, comments on Michael Bloomberg's decision to have the city of New York enter into a "social impact bond" with Goldman Sachs. "Goldman Sachs has been very adept at getting involved in government policy that clearly serves its own self-interest. . . . It sees this as a way to develop a market in these bonds at a time when financial capital is having a hard time finding profitable investments, banks are sitting on huge amounts of money, and everyone is looking for the next bubble."—The Nation

The latest issue of The Living Church has a review of THE FAITHS OF THE POSTWAR PRESIDENTS by David L. Holmes. "THE FAITHS OF THE POSTWAR PRESIDENTS is easy, informative, interesting, and a balanced presentation of each president."

The largest Burmese python in Florida was recently discovered. At 17.7 feet, the python was also found carrying a record-breaking 87 eggs. National Geographic interviewed two University of Georgia Press authors about the story. "A Burmese python as big as the new titleholder 'should be able to eat nearly any native animal in South Florida'—even Florida panthers," said INVASIVE PYTHONS IN THE UNITED STATES co-author J.D. Willson. SNAKES OF THE SOUTHEAST co-author and UGA professor Whit Gibbons is also quoted.

The Civil War Monitor has a new video interview series, and RUIN NATION author Megan Kate Nelson is one of their first participants. Check out the video here!

The staff at ForeWord This Week recommend Linda M. Rupert's CREOLIZATION AND CONTRABAND, calling it "superb."