Thursday, March 06, 2014

Classic Reissues from the UGA Press

As a part of our 75th anniversary, we are reissuing eight classic books originally published by the University of Georgia Press. Last fall, we reissued the first four books: FOLK VISION & VOICES, MISS YOU, FLANNERY O'CONNOR'S GEORGIA, and SHOUT BECAUSE YOU’RE FREE. This spring, we are releasing these remaining four:

GENERATIONS IN BLACK AND WHITE, edited by Rudolph P.Byrd and photographs by Carl Van Vechten, is a portfolio of eighty-three photographs celebrating African American achievement in the twentieth century. The photographs are complemented by a substantial introduction by Byrd, biographical sketches of each subject, and poems by the noted writer Michael S. Harper. The result is a volume of beauty and power, a record of black excellence that will engage and inform new generations.

Originally published in 1993, GREAT AND NOBLE JAR by folklorist Cinda D. Baldwin was the first authoritative study of South Carolina stoneware—from its beginnings in colonial times and its heyday in the 1850s through the post–Civil War period and the first half of the twentieth century. The author examines not only many traditional pottery forms but also the methods by which they were thrown, glazed, decorated, and fired. It is illustrated with nearly two hundred photographs, maps, and drawings and includes an index of South Carolina potters.

First published in 1972, John Linley's ARCHITECTURE OF MIDDLE GEORGIA is a sweeping survey that remains one of the best books on the topic, covering primitive, Gothic, Greek Revival, and Victorian styles, and beyond. John Linley’s descriptions of the diverse structures of the Oconee area are illustrated with more than three hundred photographs and representative floor plans. Fine architecture, as Linley shows, is greatly influenced by climate, geography, the region's natural resources, history, custom, and tradition.

If it is true that the pen is mightier than the sword and that one picture is worth a thousand words, Thomas Nast must certainly rank as one of the most influential personalities in nineteenth-century American history. With more than 150 examples of Nast’s work, THOMAS NAST: POLITICAL CARTOONIST by John Chalmers Vinson recreates the life and pattern of artistic development of the man who made the political cartoon a respected and powerful journalistic form.

We are very excited about these classic reissues as they commemorate 75 years of publishing history and seek to continue UGA Press' legacy of providing quality literature to UGA, the surrounding communities, and the world. For more information about UGA Press, visit our website here.