Friday, January 18, 2008

Best Book in Georgia History

Ben Marsh has won the Georgia Historical Society's 2008 Malcolm Bell, Jr. and Muriel Barrow Bell Award for his book GEORGIA'S FRONTIER WOMEN: FEMALE FORTUNES IN A SOUTHERN COLONY. The Bell Award, which is given annually to the best book in Georgia history published in the previous year, is named in honor of Malcolm Bell, Jr. and Muriel Barrow Bell in recognition of their contribution to the recording of Georgia's history. The award will be presented at the Society's 275th Birthday Bash and Awards Gala on Saturday, February 16, 2008, in Savannah.

"Ben Marsh has given us a fresh and important look not only at women's changing economic and cultural worlds in colonial Georgia, but at the dynamic and complex nature of colonial Georgia as a whole," Michele Gillespie, Professor of History at Wake Forest University said of the book. "Given its scope and its ambitiousness,
GEORGIA'S FRONTIER WOMEN is certain to become one of the most authoritative books on colonial Georgia for some time."