Thursday, June 16, 2011

Short Takes: Just keep on eating that white foam rubber bread

Author Mark Hersey and book MY WORK IS THAT OF CONSERVATION will be on Living on Earth this weekend as part of a segment on George Washington Carver. Audio will be available at the show's site starting Friday afternoon and will air on public radio stations nationwide.

The Los Angeles Times featured JACK LONDON, PHOTOGRAPHER with a spread of photographs.

An interview with David Zierler on THE INVENTION OF ECOCIDE was included on the national religion news radio program Interfaith Voices as part of the show "Agent Orange: Why the War in Vietnam Isn't Over."

The new Oxford American features a tribute by John T. Edge to Vertamae Smart-Grosvenor and VIBRATION COOKING, here quoting Vertamae in response to Time magazine's 1969 dismissal of soul food as a fad: "Just keep on eating that white foam rubber bread that sticks to the roof of your mouth...and I will stick to the short-lived fad that brought my ancestors through four hundred years of oppression."

Don Noble reviews ALABAMA GETAWAY for Alabama Public Radio and the Tuscaloosa News: "Residents who believe that the 40 percent high school drop-out rate is acceptable, that the landfill at Emelle is good business and that the conditions in the prisons are good enough for the felons incarcerated there will probably not read this book or, if they do, will remain unconvinced."

Christopher Waldrep's JURY DISCRIMINATION reviewed in the Journal of Law and History Review: "This book effectively highlights the variability of Jim Crow -- even in Mississippi, even during the darkest years of white supremacist rule--and the sometimes unexpected power of the law."

A piece on universities and their past connection with slavery includes Mark Auslander, author of the forthcoming THE ACCIDENTAL SLAVEOWNER, which explores the issue of slavery in Emory University's past.

Iain Haley Pollock launches his Cave Canem Prize-winning collection SPIT BACK A BOY with a party at the Raven Lounge in Philadelphia this Saturday; notice in the Philadelphia City Paper.

MARION MANLEY and the Miami International style featured in The Architect's Newspaper.