Thursday, June 24, 2010

Short Takes

The New York Times Sunday Magazine mentions REAL PHONIES as an excellent tool for understanding the reality TV show "The Bachelor," where contestants must profess that they are on the show to 'find love' rather than to promote themselves: "This demand on the players brings to mind Abigail Cheever’s fascinating new book, Real Phonies, about the American drama of personal authenticity."

Ron Slate reviews SERIOUSLY FUNNY: "A poet can accept any criticism except the charge that his or her verse is humorless...say he/she has no sense of humor and the poet will become violent or morose."

In the new American Historical Review: THE UNEMPLOYED PEOPLE'S MOVEMENT ("Given current US unemployment rates, the story of this book could speak to the growing number of organizers and policy makers looking to again harness the grassroots.") and HERE, GEORGE WASHINGTON WAS BORN ("A book that should receive serious consideration from all historians interested in the presentation and interpretation of the past. Bruggeman's study adds an important piece of the puzzle to our understanding of public history and the ways in which the past has been presented to general audiences during the last eighty years.")

H-Net Reviews (H-1960s) on LIBERALISM, BLACK POWER, AND THE MAKING OF AMERICAN POLITICS, 1965-1980: "Fergus offers a compelling read that poses many provocative questions."

Matthew H. Bernstein's SCREENING A LYNCHING was named a finalist for the Richard Wall Memorial Award from the Theater Library Association, which honors a book of exceptional scholarship in the field of recorded performance.

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune gives an early teaser for new Flannery O'Connor Short Fiction award winner Linda LeGarde Grover. Her winning collection, THE DANCE BOOTS, will be out in September.

The blog Canopy Roads of South Georgia enthusiastic about THE ART OF MANAGING LONGLEAF.

The Tuscaloosa News on DIXIE EMPORIUM.

Suite 101 article on GLASS CEILINGS AND 100-HOUR COUPLES.