Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Amphibian Conservation

NPR’s “Living on Earth” recently aired a show on the global crisis of fish and amphibian conservation. If you want to learn more about this important ecological topic, UGA professor of ecology emeritus Whit Gibbons’s KEEPING ALL THE PIECES: PERSPECTIVES ON NATURAL HISTORY AND THE ENVIRONMENT is an engaging look at the beauty of biodiversity and the tragedy of “ecovoids.” The book features a foreword by pioneer of ecosystem ecology Eugene P. Odum and was praised by the Los Angeles Times Book Review for offering “a palatable introduction to ecology for people who don’t understand all the ‘fuss’ over the threat to endangered species.”

For a more focused look at species native to the Southeast, check out our Wormsloe Foundation Nature Book Series. These books, give clear descriptions of dozens of species and hundred of color photos and distribution maps, all with a conservation-oriented approach.
FROGS AND TOADS OF THE SOUTHEAST by Mike Dorcas and Whit Gibbons
SALAMANDERS OF THE SOUTHEAST by Joseph Calvin Mitchell and Whit Gibbons
SNAKES OF THE SOUTHEAST by Whit Gibbons and Mike Dorcas
LIZARDS AND CROCODILIANS OF THE SOUTHEAST by Whit Gibbons, Judy Greene, and Tony Mills
TURTLES OF THE SOUTHEAST by Kurt Buhlmann, Tracey Tuberville, and Whit Gibbons

AMPHIBIANS AND REPTILES OF GEORGIA, edited by John B. Jensen, Carlos D. Camp, Whit Gibbons, and Matt J. Elliott, is more specialized and offers detailed species accounts and nearly 200 range maps showing county-by-county distribution in the state.