Thursday, November 15, 2012

University Press Week Updates

Today is Day 4 of the University Press Week blog tour. Be sure to check out these posts by our peers:

The Princeton University Press blog features an interview with Labyrinth Books co-owner Dorothea Von Moltke. She discusses their business model, how prominent university presses are on their shelves, how they make purchasing decisions, how they collaborate with university presses, and also the future of the university town bookstore/university press publishing – what’s unique and special about what they and we do.

Over on the Indiana University Press blog, former intern Nico Perrino shares how university presses are an essential cog within our society's "sophistication machine" and their vital role disseminating scholarly communication and advancing scholarship.

Fredric Nachbaur, director of Fordham University Press, explains on their blog how they have been celebrating University Press Week.

The Texas A&M University Press blog post is by author and Houston Chronicle columnist Loren Steffy. He discusses the impact of university presses, as well as the lasting impact of TAMU Press both on the field of nautical archaeology and on Steffy's family.

Georgetown University Press's publicist, Jackie Beilhart, contributes to today's blog post. It focuses on Less Commonly Taught Languages and how university presses are uniquely talented in creating scholarly material for these languages.