Monday, September 08, 2014

Announcing the Winner of the 2014 Association of Writers and Writing Programs Award for Creative Nonfiction

We are pleased to announce the winner of the 2014 Association of Writers & Writing Programs Award for Creative Nonfiction. Congratulations to Sarah Einstein, whose winning submission Mot: A Memoir will be published by the University of Georgia Press in the fall of 2015.

Einstein is a PhD candidate in creative nonfiction at Ohio University. Her work has appeared in journals such as Ninth Letter, PANK, and Fringe and has been awarded a Pushcart Prize. She is also the managing editor of Brevity.

Last year’s winner, Study in Perfect by Sarah Gorham, will be published by UGA Press on September 15, 2014.

"Mot, A Memoir is a stirring work of self-discovery that manages to be both profoundly vulnerable and emotionally ferreous, as the compelling narrator accounts her puzzling, almost compulsive empathy for Mot, a homeless schizophrenic man she befriends through a shelter program. The language is frank, often austere, even haunting, and the author’s willingness to confront the proliferating uncertainties of her own life gradually attains a brave literary grace. I was delighted by how, amidst the austerity that is her métier, she can suddenly take poetic flight. Speaking of the sight of a row of abandoned cars, she writes, 'Like the cattle skulls in cowboy movies, they mark the journeys of people who’ve tried, and failed, the same road we’re traveling.'” —John Phillip Santos