Monday, October 20, 2014

Short Takes

Sarah Gorham, author of STUDY IN PERFECT, is best known for poetry books. In an interview with WFPL 89.3, she explains how she transitioned from poems to essays:
I started a series of poems called 'Study in Perfect,' prose poems, and some of them were page-long prose poems, and I realized they were closer to lyric essays, so I just went with the idea. That's where I am now. It's a much more relaxed form. It's a very natural form for me.

Publishers Weekly gives Monica McFawn's BRIGHT SHARDS OF SOMEPLACE ELSE a positive review: "Bursts of insight illuminate these carefully crafted tales; McFawn somehow wrenches the deepest humanity out of even the most unlikable characters."

In an interview with the Newnan Times Herald, Joe Cook talks about his research for the newly-released CHATTAHOOCHEE RIVER USER'S GUIDE, the second book in the Georgia River Network Guidebooks series.
'People are returning to the river. It’s such an exciting story, and it’s inspiring, because we have taken a stand, as a community, and said we’re not going to put up with this anymore,' Cook said. 'We want a clean river and we’re getting a clean river.'
In Athens this coming Wednesday (10/22) and have nothing on your calendar? Then be sure to attend the "Who Owns Water" premiere with director David Hanson at Cine from 6:30-9:00. Avid Bookshop will be selling copies of CHATTAHOOCHEE RIVER USER'S GUIDE, which author Joe Cook will be signing. Hors d'oeuvres will be provided by The National, and tickets are $7.50. Pickup your ticket at Cine or online. More information is available here. Flagpole also has more information about the event available here. The event is sponsored by the UGA Environmental Ethics Certificate Program, the UGA Press, and Georgia River network.

Not Even Past interviews Leslie M. Harris and Daina Ramey Berry about their new book, SLAVERY AND FREEDOM IN SAVANNAH. Check out the interview with accompanying images here.

Congratulations, Leslie M. Harris and Daina Ramey Berry! SLAVERY AND FREEDOM IN SAVANNAH has won one regional and one national award. The regional award focused on the exhibits aspect of the project, as the Southeastern Museums Conference recognized it in its annual competition, which focuses on the interchange of ideas, information, and cooperation. The national award honored the complete project and was given by the American Association for State and Local History. Its Leadership and History Award is its most prestigious recognition for achievement in the preservation and interpretation of state and local history. Telfair Museums has more information about the awards available here.

Congratulations, Linda LeGarde Grover! Her book, THE DANCE BOOTS, has been selected as the Duluth Public Library's One Book, One Community winner. The public voted online through the Duluth Public Library's website, its Facebook and Twitter feeds, and on paper ballots at local libraries and bookstores throughout the region.