Thursday, December 20, 2012

Spring 2013 titles announced

The Spring 2013 seasonal catalog is now available on our website featuring titles that will be published from March through August 2013. We have an exciting range of new books in the categories of history, geography, international relations, literary & cultural studies, environmental studies, and creative writing, as well as plenty regional interest titles.

Highlights include:

THE DINNER PARTY follows the path of Judy Chicago's iconic piece of American Art—The Dinner Party—as it traveled from inception (1973) to completion (1979) to tour (1979-1989) to the permanent collection of the Brookly Museum (2007), and it sheds light on the history of American feminism since 1970.

In OLD LOUISVILLE, author David Dominé and photographers Franklin and Esther Schmidt take the reader on an intimate tour of one of the largest and most significant historic preservation districts in America.

Robinson Forest in eastern Kentucky is one of our most important natural landscapes—and one of the most threatened. THE EMBATTLED WILDERNESS chronicles the cultural and natural history of the forest and makes the case for saving it.

Get out and explore northwest Georgia's biologically diverse and beautiful Etowah River with the waterproof guidebook, ETOWAH RIVER USER'S GUIDE.

The beautifully illustrated ISLAND TIME by retired Atlanta Journal-Constitution journalist, Jingle Davis, captures the history and beauty of the Georgia seaside destination, St. Simons Island.

NORTH CAROLINA'S AMAZING COAST, modeled after the successful GEORGIA'S AMAZING COAST, contains 100 short, self-contained features about the flora, fauna, and natural history of North Carolina's coast. It makes an excellent educational tool and inspiring gift.

Now back in print and available in paperback for the first time is James Beard Award Winner NATHALIE DUPREE'S COMFORTABLE ENTERTAINING.